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Revolutionizing Healthcare Real Estate


We recognize the desperate need for quality real estate to help provide medical support to underserved and vulnerable populations,  We want to help alleviate this problem through partnerships with best-in-class medical operators.  We provide a wide range of options for our partners to enhance their healthcare treatment and expand their practices.  Learn about our vision, values and expertise that set us apart in our industry.

Our thesis is for the convergence of physical and behavioral health care to effectively treat the whole person.
Peter Martin, CEO


IMR focuses on the acquisition and development of healthcare real estate for individuals in need of behavioral health or higher acuity physical rehabilitation, which we believe are critically undersupplied. We want to partner with excellent operators to create solutions that drive our operator's success.

  • Asset scope includes inpatient psych, substance abuse disorders, eating disorder, neuro-diversity and intense physical rehab
  • IMR provides sale leaseback strategies for operators looking to create liquidly and growth capital
  • We work with operators to develop new facilities with IMR’s teams providing vertically integrated services from site selection, zoning, financing and construction

Our target sectors are now receiving increased scientific, legislative, payor and societal support.  Deploying capital for facility modernization and new development is the greatest need in out targeted space:

  • Changing societal views in conjunction with evolving legislative changes since the passage of the ACA in 2010 is driving growth
  • Capital partners are required to develop modern facilities to enable providers to successfully treat the unmet need
  • This transition provides IMR an outstanding opportunity to invest in assets critical to achieving patient centric care
  • Our portfolio will not acquire small individual assets but rather scale with key regional leading providers with attractive risk adjusted returns while continuing to evaluate broader opportunities in our target asset classes with positive social impacts

We bring our partners extensive specialized expertise to help maximize projects returns within each specialized assets legislative and reimbursement environment.

  • IMR principals have extensive regulatory and reimbursement data that can help our partners maximize project returns
  • IMR endeavors to work with best-in-class operators that will provide our partners opportunities to enhance operations or provide M&A introductions
  • IMR can help our operators implement the IT outcome tracking and data metrics required by payors that the operators are providing value-based services

Management team with extensive medical, financial and operational Healthcare REIT experience

  • Senior management team has in excess of 100 years of experience in healthcare REITs or operations
  • Have had senior management and board positions in public and private real estate and health providers
  • Insight team have overseen the development, ownership and financing of over $2 billion of medical properties

Investment Pillars

IMR’s portfolio selection is predicated on meeting five primary criteria which we believe are critical to achieving outsized investor returns:

  • Under Supplied: Identifying segments of healthcare with unmet and growing demand
  • Under Capitalized: Supporting operators requiring capital for modern facilities
  • Supporting Legislation: Adapting to federal, state, and local requirements for patient-centric care
  • Payor Support: Ensuring payment rates support well-run, profitable operations
  • Sophisticated Providers: Partnering with providers focused on patient outcomes and backed by robust IT infrastructure
IMR is Focused on Real Estate that Optimizes Patient’s Care and Outcomes

IMR Value-Add to the Operator

  1. Operator First Mentality
    • Disciplined yet flexible deal structure for long-term success
    • Belief in MSA or regional scale for operating efficiency & competitive strength
    • Annual rent escalators that match operating model
    • Ability to work with tenants on energy and carbon emission efficiency
  2. Industry Knowledge
    • In network and outcomes focused as behavioral and physical health care plans merge
    • Chairwoman’s career focused on rehabilitation, corporate governance and fiscal responsibility.
    • Executives with years of Physical and Behavioral health experience
    • Vast network of industry and transaction relationships to enhance relationship
  3. Deal Structuring Expertise
    • Senior management team has inexcess of 100 years of experience in REITs or operations
    • Insight team has overseen the development, ownership or financing of over $2 billion of medical properties
    • IMR provides thorough analysis of regulatory/reimbursement issues for capital allocations
  4. Positioned to be Growth Partner
    • Long-term outlook focused on establishing enduring relationships
    • Favorable capital position
      • Strong capital partners
      • Conservative leverage position
      • No near-term debt maturities
    • Acquisitions & development FP&A
Guiding Visionaries, Shaping Futures

Our Management Team

At IMR, we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare outcomes and community well-being through high-quality healthcare real estate investments. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility drives us to push boundaries in healthcare real estate.

Jill Krueger
Jill Krueger
  • Currently President & CEO of Symbria, offering best-in-class rehab services, pharmacy programs and fully customizable Well-Being program
  • Former partner at KPMG LLP, working with senior living providers and major health systems to develop and implement elder care strategies
  • Currently serves on the board of directors of Fifth Third Bank–Illinois Affiliate, the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition and a board and steering committee member of the American Board of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine
  • Served as a director on three publicly traded boards, six privately held for-profit or LLC boards and three nonprofit boards
Peter Martin
Peter Martin
Chief Executive Officer
  • 30 years' experience in healthcare, real estate and finance
  • Founding Partner of Reel Point Partners advising small capitalization REITs
  • Chief Financial Officer of CA Health and Science Trust a private REIT focused on MOB and life science development
  • Served as Head of Healthcare Real Estate research at JMP
Jeff Walraven
Jeff Walraven
Chief Investment Officer
  • 31 years of public company and real estate experience
  • Currently, co-founder, director and Chief Operating Officer of Freehold Properties
  • CFO of MedEquities Realty Trust (NYSE: MRT) from starting the private company in2014 through the IPO in 2016 and sale to Omega in 2019
  • 22 years accounting experience – staff to partner in public accounting with BDO and Ernst and Young
David Doyle
David Doyle
Chief Operating Officer
  • 29 years of public and private capital markets and operations for REITs and real estate companies
  • Founding Partner of Reel Point Partners, Former senior management team member of;  Kodiak Funding, Harbor Asset Management, FBR Asset Management and Centris
  • Chief Operating Officer of CA Health and Science Trust a private REIT focused on MOB and life science development
  • Managing Director and Group Head at several investment banking firms focused on REIT IPOs and 144a
Blaine Willenborg
Blaine Willenborg
SVP of Asset Management & Capital Markets
  • Founding Partner of Reel Point Partners advising small capitalization REITs
  • VP of Finance at CA Ventures overseeing the formation of two private REITs sponsored by CA Ventures in healthcare and industrial properties
  • VP of Business Development and Capital Markets at Postal Realty Trust (NYSE: PSTL)
  • Investment banking associate at Janney Montgomery Scott focused on REIT IPOs, follow-on offerings and preferred transactions